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  • Avira - Free Anti-Virus Software
  • Ashampoo - Free Software
  • Energy Helpline - Free Energy Saving Calculator
  • Freehostia - Free Hosting
  • - Free Currency Calculator
  • Avira free anti-virus softwareAvira Anti-Virus
    The world's best anti-virus software - free

    Giving away our age a bit, we've been making websites for more than 20 years and over those years we have tested, tried and sometimes paid for lots of different anti-virus/malware software. In our opinion, Avira's anti-virus software is the world's best, easiest to use and most secure anti-virus package available - and it's free. Avira offer paid upgrade versions if you want to activate additional optional features but for most people, Avira's free anti-virus software will suffice. We've been using it for at least the last ten years and it's always kept our machines protected.
    Visit Avira - Free Anti-Virus Software

    Ashampoo free softwareAshampoo
    Dirty hair, clean computer

    Okay, you probably haven't got dirty hair (we don't mind if you do) but Ashampoo won't clean it anyway. What you do get here is loads of free-to-download software that will clean, rinse and dry-off your computer (or mobile) in the form of free anti-virus, malware and other security tools. In addition to giving your computer a good clean, Ashampoo will hook you up with free downloads, trialware, demos and complete free packages for a vast array of different types of software that can be used professionally or casually to make money online. Webmasters can take advantage of free CAD, office, burning studio, tools, utilities and more for all Windows versions plus Android/iOS. If you're in the market for any software, Ashampoo is worth a look before you pay out a fortune for something you can get for free here.
    Visit Ashampoo - Free Software

    Energy Helpline free energy saving calculatorEnergy Helpline
    Free energy saving calculator

    Most of us already realise that we are probably paying too much money to at least one of our energy suppliers but don't really want to face any potential 'hard selling' by asking another energy company for a quote. This is where Energy Helpline takes the awkwardness away and does all the stat-checking for you. Simply enter any UK postcode and tick a few boxes - ideally you'll have a recent energy bill to hand (it helps) - and Energy Helpline will show you where you can making savings every month and through which energy suppliers. There's no face-to-face weirdness where you might feel under pressure to make a quick decision about switching - simply use the free online calculator at Energy Helpline and then ponder the numbers and options in your own time. If you want to make a supplier change, Energy Helpline will guide you through the easy process - all for free.
    Visit Energy Helpline - Free Energy Saving Calculator

    Freehostia, website free hostingFreehostia
    Reliable and free website hosting

    We've used a number of free website hosts over the years, most doing a pretty decent job with little or no downtime and no ads placed on-site. Freehostia currently wins our recommendation for best online website provider with a totally free hosting package that allows members to host up to five different websites with 250MB disk space - all for free. The control panels, backend and all UI's are excellent, easy-to-use. Freehostia offer paid options for webmasters needing something extra but we've always found the free hosting packages to be more than sufficient for our needs. In any event, Freehostia's VPS hosting plans start from just $/£1 per month!
    Visit Freehostia - Free Hosting

    Free currency calculatorCurrency Calculator
    Instantly calculate how much your pounds are worth in 'other' money

    Most of us don't usually pay a lot of attention to currency exchange rates (certainly not before Brexit!), although we sometimes hear of a 'strong' or 'weak' pound on TV news. It's at the airport or preparing holiday spending money in euros, dollars, or lots of other currences when we take a closer look at how much our pounds are worth in other countries and currencies. Will it be steak and wine every night at top restaurants or go fishing in the sea for your supper? It can also be useful to calculate other currencies into UK£ when shopping online from overseas websites where the prices are frequently displayed in euros, US$, etc. Currency Calculator is an easy-to-use LIVE currency converter, generously provided free-of-charge by Simply enter the amount of pounds you want to convert to euros, pounds, Swiss Francs, South Korean Won or whatever fits your needs. Of course, you can do the same in reverse by converting an amount of foreign currency into 'real' British pounds!
    Visit - Free Currency Calculator

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